Build your own on-line business with worldwide successfully proven products.
Buy as little as 10 packs and build your own company.

You don’t need to carry large amounts of stock, build up stock as you build your business
Orders generally shipped within 24 hours, Monday-Friday from Queensland, Australia.


Buy with confidence from a Professional Homeopathic Clinic with its own sterile laboratory. The Nova Clinic Australia was established in 1982. We manufacture the old fashioned and traditional way.

We use Cotton, breathable, trans-dermal patches. Suitable for all skin types.

Our ingredients (even though you can’t see them) are infused into the material so are a combination of products that are top quality and manufactured in a sterile environment by a professional company, with many years’ experience in the trade. All ingredients are plant based.

Our product have a very long self-life while containing full potency.  This is achievable if stored correctly via our simple instructions.

All stock is guaranteed full strength and high quality Homeopathic products. No drugs, chemicals, additives, hormones or stimulants.

HCG and several of our associated weight loss products, plus our 33 health patches,  are available to market as proven successful weight loss and wellness products. The hard work has been done all of the products are well tested worldwide so are very well known.

HCG has been sold homoeopathically, worldwide, for over forty years – it continually grows in popularity via word of mouth because it works.

Nova Patches are available for as little as 10 packs and up to 10,000 per order. So you don’t need to carry a pile of stock you cannot afford while you are building your business.

Homeopathic s also have no expiry date if stored correctly so your stock is safe; again as you build your business. Your client needs one pack of 12 patches per month.

The patches come to you in individually sealed, sterilized envelopes.  Each envelope is then sealed into another sterile sealed bag of 12.  You need 12 patches per month as you wear one patch for 3 days. Full instructions are available.

You add your own label: Design and have printed your own outer envelope, see photos below. Save money and create your own company logo and name. As you build your own on-line company it is all about you and your style. We can supply all details and information necessary.

Our job is to supply you with professional homeopathic products that work, we guarantee this.  You then support your own clients

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